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Third graders do their work behind see-though partitions at a school in Jersey City, N. But in the heat of the gubernatorial campaign, a casual observer might believe there is. Diane Allen, and their allies — have keyed in on some social issues to portray the policies of Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, an unabashed progressive, as out of step with mainstream voters.

Ciattarelli, a former member of the General Assembly who built a reputation as a moderate but has taken a rightward turn during the gubernatorial campaign, is facing an uphill battle to unseat Murphy in deep-blue New Jersey. A Monmouth University poll released Wednesday shows Ciattarelli trailing Murphy by 16 percentage points. At issue are two recently enacted laws and state sex ed curriculum requirements that were updated last year. In , Murphy ed a bill requiring that middle and high school students be taught about the societal contributions of LGBTQ people and the disabled.

Between those ings, the State Board of Education in released student learning standards, including on health and physical education. Among the standards was that students should be able to identify oral, vaginal and anal sex by eighth grade. There are links between the effort to teach acceptance of LGBTQ people and the sex education requirements.

The new learning standards, which are modeled on proposed national standards , include some information about LGBTQ people that was not included in the last set of standards released during former Republican Gov. For instance, they say students should be able to "differentiate between sexual orientation and gender identity" by the end of grade 5. Now more than ever, we must ensure that every student's full identity is represented in the Sex Education Standards.

Those standards were issued almost a year before Murphy ed the bill that mandates teaching kindergartners about diversity and inclusion. Her response could be seen as a factually accurate critique of the sex ed curriculum standards, had she been asked specifically about them.

We're not teaching sodomy in sixth grade. Ciattarelli pushed back on the criticism. The conflation of the laws and sex ed standard dates back at least to December, when Republican state Sen. Pennacchio said in an interview this week that the point of the amendment was to protest how the bill was so open-ended, and that it had initially only applied to sixth grade and up but was amended to apply to all students.

But that is unlikely to happen, she said, as community outrage would put pressure on school administrators to stop it. New Jersey. Continue to article content. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

Adult wants sex Jersey City New Jersey

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