Cheating nebraska wife

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Discussion in ' The Mainboard ' started by Mix , Jun 30, Search titles only Posted by Member: Separate names with a comma. Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display as thre. Useful Searches. Mix I deserve to be blown before the Jacuzzi. From these obvious truth tellers: Some people got really butthurt last time I shared info about Frost and his wife.

If that was you, please do not read. Leave this thread. She has taken the kids back to Florida apparently. This all stems from incidents at the bar Gate Frost and the coaches gather there frequently supposedly after every home game, win or lose. One of the coaches has an apartment above the bar. Several women have been seen going in and out with coaches Frost being one obviously. A friend of mine knows a girl that works at the bar. He asked if these rumors are true. Everything happens in the Annex. Also, saw Jon Bruning smoking weed in there while he was battling it as AG.

They all eat edibles and rip dab pens frequently. Even more info: Tiny crazy story here, a guy I know said nearly the same thing as the Frost's wife info thread, and the source was Bill's wife, he also said there were even more hookers on a coaches trip they had on top of Gate I also know a guy who is part owner of an Omaha hotel and said Frost has a permanent room up there and lives there now.

Nelson , 42yard , AndersHolmvik and 58 others like this. Bo Pelinis You did it! No arrest thre. Nelson , 42yard , AndersHolmvik and 43 others like this. Also the idea of Jon Bruning smoking weed is hysterical. Midwestern values. War Grundle , IV and Hatfield like this. BuckeyeRiot Team Nicki. Hookers and lunch-pailers go hand in hand.

Nelson Can somebody please get Ja Rule on the phone. Is the Q board, like, QAnon stuff? Sean Connery , oldberg , ZeroPointZero and 6 others like this. NCHusker We named our yam Pam. It rhymed. He's a huge scumbag. GordoBombay , GRG , 2 and 1 other person like this. IowaHuskerFan3 I husk hard. Bet his wife's wearing hoodies all day every day just to ruin him.

TC Eli Porter is a mindset. Thread needs more comic strip retellings. Eric The Viking likes this. Bar None , 42yard , rulethirty and 65 others like this. Grilled cheese, water, chips is this how you do that. Needs more Carol Frost. CaneKnight , oldberg , Celemo and 5 others like this. Prospector I am not a new member. HoosDaMan Grumpy. Owsley My friends call me Bear. Oh my god the platinum board is my hell.

Megan Mullen probably has some thoughts as to how Ashley can get back at Scott. Do UCF fans hate Frost? There are certain segments of this board that I know nothing about. One Two likes this. HotMic Insider. EagleDuck , DistantFactor and drewru like this. C Yank Ducks by Han Solo , rulethirty , DayDomination and 5 others like this. Ok as much as this being true would be amazing, Neb fans is there any possible way the most recognizable man in town could go to a bar after games like this and fuck around and no pics of him at the bar or talking to girls exists?

Doyers59 likes this. DeToxRox We dug coal together. I love our collective symmetry. DayDomination , jokewood , a. Hank Scorpio , CaneKnight , oldberg and 6 others like this. Han Solo , drewru , AndersHolmvik and 23 others like this. Homo Erectus , Jack Bauer , Fuck this and 9 others like this. Only halfway through the thread and we got some more "I was out drinking with someone associated with Husker Athletics.

Let's just say that they know about the coaches Shenanigans that go on at Gate 25 plus other places like Valentine and don't approve of them. Not the Nebraska Way and definitely not the values that Tom Osborne represented. Just a matter of time before this becomes more mainstream info. They can't keep partying like this and not expect it to become common knowledge. Honestly turned my stomach when he was telling me about the football coaches.

I wonder what Bill Busch thinks about all of this as he is a known grinder who won't be outworked. Also explains why Greg Austin has been rumored to be looking around for a different job. If half the staff is acting like overgrown Frat Boys more concerned with chasing tail and partying than actually doing their job then it has to be frustrating for the coaches who take their jobs seriously. Houndster likes this. Emma Wisconsin. Well that's not very cool of him. Show Ignored Content. Your name or address: Do you already have an ?

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Cheating nebraska wife

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