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Membership Content. Slip, Trips, and Falls Second worker injured at old Blockbuster site a construction worker, 30, fell through the roof of a former video store about a. Construction worker stable after three-story fall a construction worker fell from a third-floor scaffolding but landed in sand and was airlifted in stable condition - rescuers thought the man had a fractured pelvis after the to foot fall.

Worker injured in foot fall a contractor, 56, was working adjacent to a conveyor belt - he had a harness on - he was working up high - somehow, the harness got caught in a conveyor belt and it flung him more than feet to the ground - when he landed on the ground, his head landed on a board with nails sticking out of it - he remained in critical condition at a Hospital's neurological intensive care unit.

FATAL FALL Worker Killed In Construction Accident a man, 37, and another employee were working on a construction project at a plant chimney, located between the power plant's two smokestacks when he fell more than two hundred feet - he suffered serious head injuries, and was pronounced dead at the scene - accident happened shortly before seven o-clock this morning - he was working on the construction of the chimney for an environmental emissions control project.

Worker plunges 40 feet a worker was rushed to hospital with head injuries after falling 40ft from scaffolding - the year old man fractured an arm, his ankle, and suffered head injuries in the fall at around 10am - it is unclear how the accident happened, but an investigation is already under way with the Health and Safety Executive. FATAL FALL Construction worker dies after fall authorities are investigating the death of a worker, 51, who fell about 50 feet during construction of a state highway bridge - he was installing iron plates intended to hold concrete when he fell.

Worker shocked; falls off roof a construction worker involved in building the new city barn escaped major injury when he was shocked and fell nearly 20 feet from the building's roof - he and others were pulling a long piece of steel to the roof when it came in contact with a secondary power line - he was conscious of the wires, but the steel dipped into the line - it shocked him and he just back flipped off the roof. Firefighter in hospital after falling from truck a firefighter, 33, remains in serious condition in hospital after tumbling out of a fire truck en route to a fire - he was injured after hitting the pavement when a door opened while the truck turned - she suffered head injuries -she was not wearing a helmet, which fire officials say is standard procedure while riding in the truck.

Worker dies in gravel pit fall police are investigating after a worker fell into a gravel pit and died around 1 p. Identifications released of workers injured in lift boom accident workers, 27 and 28, were both in critical condition at The Medical Center - the two men were working atop the boom lift on the flashing near the roof line of the the building under construction - the bucket was at full extension when the mechanism crashed - the ground beneath the lift was sloped - early reports from police indicated that when the boom lift fell, the two workers were thrown from the bucket to the opposite side of a nearby retention pond - however, according to a police news release issued this evening, "both parties were unconscious and still attached to the boom lift by their safety harnesses" when police arrived - the boom lift itself came to rest in a retention pond.

Wall falls on construction worker a construction worker was injured and airlifted to the hospital after a wall fell on him - the year-old man, whose name has not been released, was working on a new housing subdivision when the accident occurred - he noticed a section of cinder block wall about feet long and 6 feet high lying on the ground - the construction worker was holding his midsection, saying the section of wall fell on him - the worker had been digging a trench near the wall for additional construction when the wall gave out, falling on him and trapping him between the trench and the block walls - the wall pinned him at the edge of the trench.

FATAL FALL Worker dies after falling from Valley Road condo tower a year-old roofer fell off the seven-story building and died - he was with three other workers finishing the edges of the roof when he fell. Factory worker dies after hitting head a man, 26, died after hitting his head on a truck at a factory - the man died about 6pm after either striking his head on a truck or as the result of a fall at the furniture factory.

Worker falls from scaffold at Cornell construction site emergency personnel are preparing to airlift a worker who fell from a scaffold at a university construction site - the accident occurred at about a. Construction Workers Fall Over 20 Feet an accident at a construction site sent two workers to the hospital - two men were working on an apartment building and fell off a hydrolic lift 20 feet to the ground - the accident happened just after 11 a. Worker found dead in lift shaft, London a construction worker has been found dead at the bottom of a lift shaft in offices - the unnamed man worked for specialist ery and fit-out contractor - he appeared to have fallen from height - no other details.

Fatal fall victim identified as Bethalto man , www. Turtle Creek firefighter dies: Lt. Paul D. Baker falls during Miner dies at Orkney a miner was killed at a mine - miner fell into a tip and died immediately - there had been a cover over the tip but that somehow it had collapsed. EDT when an accident knocked them to the ground about 40 to 50 feet below - it was not immediately clear what caused the accident, but investigators believe that part of the roof may have collapsed or dropped rocks onto the platform where the men were working - at least one of the men suffered several broken bones in the fall.

Worker hurt in fall at Salem construction site; Co-worker CTA worker falls from North Side tracks an employee working on elevated tracks was injured when he lost his balance and fell to the ground - the ironworker was part of a crew on the reconstruction of the elevated tracks when he fell down to the street around 11 p. FATAL FALL Construction Worker Killed in Carmel a normal work day turned tragic at a construction site - a worker fell feet to his death - the man was laying brick when he fell - he was on the top scaffold, he lost his balance, and he fell.

Jose Hernandez died after falling off a scaffold and hitting his head. Man hurt in fall from Blauvelt building , A Haverstraw man who fell 15 feet off the second floor of a building under construction and landed on a concrete stairwell was in critical condition last night at the Westchester Medical Center. One dies, one injured while installing at Rockland Community College , One man was killed and another seriously injured at Rockland Community College yesterday when the hydraulic lift they were using failed, the Rockland County Sheriff's Department said.

Workers Hurt After Condo Construction Fall , Three workers are hurt -- one critically -- after a mishap this morning at a Las Vegas casino-resort construction site. Worker conscious, stable after Friday fall , Fabian Renteria, a year-old construction worker who was seriously injured in a six-story fall Friday afternoon at the Montgomery Renaissance Hotel and Spa in downtown Montgomery, was conscious and listed in Indianapolis man dies in fall at construction site , A year-old Indianapolis man died Saturday after he fell from a building under construction at West Main Street in Carmel.

FATAL FALL Man dies in fall from scaffold a year-old man died after falling from a building under construction - the victim apparently fell from scaffolding approximately 40 feet above the ground - victim was working on the building, which is under construction. FATAL FALL Construction Worker Killed in Carmel a normal work day turned tragic at a construction site - a worker, 25, fell feet to his death - the man was laying brick when he fell - he was on the top scaffold, he lost his balance, and he fell.

Officials investigate overpass collapse a construction worker, 39, who fell 50 feet when a highway overpass he was working on collapsed remained in serious condition as officials tried to determine what caused the structure to give way - he was airlifted and underwent surgery after fracturing his pelvis, left elbow and lower left leg in the collapse - workers spent early Tuesday morning erecting concrete columns and steel tubes for the overpass - during the collapse, two steel beams fell onto a FedEx delivery truck, crushing its hood and back end and requiring firefighters to cut its driver out of the cab.

FATAL FALL Worker dead after fall at ethanol plant a year-old man died from injuries he suffered in a foot fall at the plant - he was an employee of tank company - the fall was from the top of a new storage silo that was being built on the west side of the ethanol plant. UPDATE: Mine worker killed in accident was from Morristown the contract worker, 28, fell to his death in the mine shortly after midnight - he replacing structural steel inside the main shaft of the mine - the work was part of the process of reactivating the mine, which has been closed for five years.

Man who fell into vat of wet concrete is hospitalized a worker who fell into a mixing vat of wet concrete was taken to a hospital - the man fell into the vat at a company that makes concrete forms for construction projects such as buildings and bridges - the employee was up to his waist in the concrete as the blades continued the mixing process - it took rescue workers 10 minutes to get the man out - he suffered serious injuries. FATAL FALL Hoover worker falls to his death a man performing work on a roof fell 22 feet to his death at a coal mine - according to Deputy Coroner, the worker, 27, was pronounced dead on the scene after the accident, which occurred at p.

Window washer, left dangling 12 stories up, lowered safely , A window washer at Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital had a scare Tuesday afternoon when an equipment failure left him dangling precariously 12 stories above the ground. Airline employee dies in accident at Tunica Airport the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are looking into the death of a worker at the airport - a flight mechanic died in an accident - according to a preliminary NTSB report, he was attempting to close the main cabin door on a flight that was preparing to take off when he lost his grip and fell ten feet to the ground - he suffered a skull fracture and broken ribs, and died the next day - the NTSB report says it was very windy and raining that afternoon, but does not say if weather was a factor in the fall - closing the main cabin door was not part of his duties - he was doing a favor for a flight attendant.

Worker Falls into Elevator Shaft at Ballpark a worker suffered serious injuries when he drove a cart into an elevator shaft, and the elevator wasn't there - the worker was attempting to drive the cart into a service elevator used to transport food on the third floor - somehow, the cart went through the gate, dropping 30 feet - the cart landed on top of the elevator where the worker's brother, another worker, was inside the elevator - one man is listed in critical condition - the other is stable. Teen suffers head injury on the job a year-old summer student working at an industrial operation is in critical condition after he fell off a ladder and struck his head on a concrete floor - the student was working on a ladder when co-workers heard a crash and went to investigate - they found the teen on the concrete floor of the plant - he suffered head injuries - he was wearing a hard hat but suffered serious injuries in any case.

Man dies after industrial accident a local electric company worker, 50, died from injuries he suffered in an industrial accident - fell 20 feet to the ground from a scaffolding he was working from - the cause of the fall has not been determined. FATAL FALL Meridian electric company worker fatally injured in fall a year-old electric company worker was fatally injured in a fall - he fell about 20 feet to the ground from a scaffolding he was working from. Gasfield worker dies in Antero drill site mishap worker, 34, was fatally injured in an apparent work-related accident at a gas-production drilling rig - the accident occurred at a drilling rig - it looks to be an apparent mechanical failure - several witnesses stated to deputies that he was bent forward checking something on the rig when a "swage," a steel water fixture that connects two pieces of pipe, fell from about 50 feet, striking him on the back of his head.

Worker survives nuclear station fall a worker had a lucky escape after he fell around 30 feet from scaffolding - he suffered a dislocated ankle and a broken arm in the accident. FATAL FALL Worker falls 50 feet, dies in Alaska worker, 19, moved from his hometown to work on construction at the gold mine - he and a co-worker were standing on a manlift about 50 feet above the ground, working on construction of a building when the lift tipped over - while the men survived the initial fall, the workers were pronounced dead at a hospital - it's unclear whether a mechanical problem or operator error led to the accident.

FATAL FALL Construction worker dies from fall a year-old man died from injuries sustained in an accident at a construction site - a steel worker, fell more than 30 feet from a building on a construction site - he fell from one of the I-beams on the upper level of the building where he was working - he fell to the basement level of the building and landed on concrete. Construction worker injured near convention center a construction worker who fell 20 feet into a parking garage excavation had to be hoisted out on a stretcher by fire department, EMS and other workers - the worker suffered multiple injuries and was taken by ambulance to Memorial Hospital.

Excavator plunges 75 feet a ton excavating machine fell about 75 feet off a cliff with its operator jumping to safety just moments before the plunge - the worker suffered a broken arm in the accident, which took place on the site of the condominium project - no cause yet. FATAL FALL WVU worker falls to his death at football stadium university officials have released the name of a maintenance worker, 50, who fell about 30 feet to his death at Milan-Puskar Stadium - he died after falling off the stadium's north end zone building at 5 p.

Construction Worker Falls From Renaissance Hotel a construction worker fell 7 stories from the Hotel being built - no word on how the incident happened, but we are told he was transported to Baptist South with life-threatening injuries. Flaw in Safety Barrier No Factor in Fatal Fall , Federal safety officials say the fall that killed an Iowa worker on an Omaha, Nebraska, expressway was not related to a safety violation found after the accident.

Investigators look into festival ride death , Police and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration were investigating Sunday why a teen fell from a festival ride and died. Man falls off ladder in Ridgefield , A man working on a porch roof at a private residence on Old Branchville Road was injured when he fell off a ladder Tuesday morning, Ridgefield Police said.

Rock That Fell on Worker's Head Was Freak Accident the rock that crashed down on a state worker's head was a freak accident - after investigators inspected the contract, the safety plans and the situation, they decided the worker was wearing the right safety gear and there were no violations - accident happened at about a.

Worker survives three-storey fall a plumber, 24, who fell three stories down a lift shaft, narrowly missing being impaled, landed on his back and rang for help because other workers were off having smoke - fell while inspecting a solar light at the top of a lift shaft on the third floor of a home being built - he suffered serious injuries when he landed on concrete just below the ground floor.

Contractor injured in fall inside Orangetown house a year-old contractor fell this morning and injured his throat while working in an attic inside a house - the contractor was possibly working on an air conditioner - he may have fallen on a hammer, which hit his throat. OSHA probes barn fatality , Officials from the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration are probing the death last week of year-old Lowell native Travis DeSimone, who was killed when a barn ceiling fell on him.

A stevedore is killed by container in Portsmouth , A worker was killed by a container shortly before noon Friday at Portsmouth Marine Terminal. Construction worker seriously injured in N. FATAL FALL Condo worker killed in fall a construction worker died after falling from the 35th floor of a building - the man, a year-old safety foreman, plunged about feet - he was standing on a platform that may have moved out too quickly, causing him to lose his balance - he fell to the 11th floor, where he hit a cast-iron frame used to pour concrete in columns - debris that fell with the worker injured 10 to 15 other workers, who suffered minor cuts and scrapes - police are still trying to determine the cause of the accident - the victim had been working with the construction firm for two years.

Worker in stable condition after fall off scaffolding a year-old man was in stable condition after falling from a scaffold while painting a house - worker suffered multiple injuries, including internal bleeding, after falling 28 feet. Worker injured in Ira Allen fall a construction worker, 21, was injured after falling about 55 feet from scaffolding that was set up for a restoration project - he was replacing the decking on the floor of the scaffolding, when he lost track of where he was working and fell through a gap in the planking - he was able to grab onto a nearby steel cable as he fell, slowing the rate of his fall.

Construction worker injured in fall a year-old man was taken to a Medical Center with head and chest injuries after he fell from an exposed roof - the construction worker fell between eight and 10 feet from a ladder and landed on the beam he was carrying - it isn't clear whether the ladder broke or kicked out. UPDATE Police, fire and courts the condition of a man injured June 29 in a to foot fall off a mechanical lift has improved - worker, 52, was listed in serious condition - he was caulking windows about p.

Man breaks leg in tumble off ladder at work a man is believed to have suffered a broken leg in a fall at work - the worker is believed to have fallen about three metres off a ladder. Construction worker injured in fall from UVM chapel , A construction worker was injured this morning after falling about 55 feet from scaffolding that was set up for a restoration project at the University of Vermont's Ira Allen Chapel, UVM officials said.

Construction worker injured in fall from UVM chapel a construction worker was injured after falling about 55 feet from scaffolding that was set up for a restoration project - the injured worker, 21, was still being evaluated a Health Care center - he was replacing the decking on the floor of the scaffolding, when he lost track of where he was working and fell through a gap in the planking - he was able to grab onto a nearby steel cable as he fell, slowing the rate of his fall. Fatal Fall Construction Accident on Fort Carson employees at a job site are in shock after a co-worker, 39, died in a construction accident - it happened when a section of new building collapsed - three other co-workers were hurt - one man is in critical condition at a local hospital - two others suffered minor injuries - a slab of concrete being moved by a crane crashed onto a bucket truck - video and photos link.

Construction accident a year-old construction worker was seriously injured after he fell into a concrete-bottomed pit at a building site - the man was working on a residential construction site around pm when he fell from a ladder to the bottom of the pit, which is deed to allow natural light into the basement - the man climbed out on his own and was taken to the regional Health Centre by ambulance - his injuries turned out to be more serious than expected and it's believed he's suffering from critical head and neck injuries.

Tractor backs over worker near Allouez church. Fatal Fall 2 workers killed in fall from tower investigators are trying to determine what caused two workers to fall hundreds of feet to their deaths from a communications tower - the two men were installing telecommunications equipment on the 1,foot tower - they were working in a bucket hoisted about feet to feet from the ground - it is unclear how the men were secured - the men were killed on impact. Worker survives fall into hole a construction worker survived a fall into a foot hole being dug to build a new pillar for an extension of the bridge - the man was conscious and talkative, although he had a laceration on his head - the man was delivering materials to the construction site when he leaned against a wooden railing made of two-by-fours - the railing gave way and the man fell into the hole.

Fatal fall inside water tower prompts lawsuit, A water tank in which a Calhoun County man died last October lacked a fixed inside ladder that was called for in de specifications, a lawsuit filed in Madison County Circuit Court claims. In the first accident, a man was on the roof of a building in Brooklyn and fell three stories to his death shortly after noon. The police said that the man, Balihar Singh, 43, of Jackson Heights, Queens, was taken from the building, at 11 Front Street in Dumbo, photo above, to Long Island College Hospital, where officials pronounced him dead on arrival.

In an unrelated accident less than three hours later, another workman fell from the roof of a construction site in Queens and suffered severe head and body trauma, the police said.

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