Ever need a ride

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Lively and trusted national ridesharing company Lyft are here to provide you with rides that are more convenient and affordable than a taxi, so you no longer have to rely on friends and family. Give Lively Rides a try today with our special introductory offer. Press "0" on any Jitterbug phone. Once you confirm your ride, a friendly driver will be on the way. The fare will automatically be added to your next monthly bill. Lively Rides is currently available wherever the Lyft service operates. If you are not currently a Jitterbug phone owner, please call for more information. Just press "0" on any Jitterbug phone to request a ride from a live, U.

There are no apps to download or install. Your Personal Operator will arrange everything from scheduling your ride to providing an estimated fare and arrival time. Through our partnership with Lyft, the trusted, nationwide ride service, you will be connected with a friendly driver who is always background-checked and insured.

Vehicles are regularly inspected for safety, so you can ride with confidence. Using GPS technology, the driver will know the quickest route to where you are and where you want to go. Just dial "0" again on your Jitterbug phone and your Personal Operator will be happy to arrange for another ride to bring you back home. A car will be sent to your exact location in minutes.

Call anytime, from anywhere. It's that easy and convenient. On certain trips, your first thought might be to ask the driver to wait for you. However, because you can call for an immediate pickup, we suggest calling a second car for your return journey, rather than having the car wait. When you request a ride, the Personal Operator will give you a fare estimate, which you can choose to accept or decline. If you accept, that charge will appear on your monthly Lively bill. Learn more about Compare our phones. Learn more about Compare our medical alerts.

Learn more about Learn more about Lively services. Personal Operator fees may apply and minutes used will be deducted from your rate plan. See full Terms and Conditions. Call us for a ride anytime. Enjoy the car service that's easier and more affordable than a taxi.

Lively has teamed up with Lyft to bring you safe and reliable rides. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Our simplest smartphone ever. Learn More. Our easiest cell phone ever. Where is Lively Rides available? How do I order a ride? Who is driving? Where can I go? How does my driver know where to go? How do I get back home? Will the driver wait? How do I pay? Compare our phones Learn more about Compare our phones Compare our medical alerts Learn more about Compare our medical alerts Learn more about Lively services Learn more about Learn more about Lively services.

Ever need a ride

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Call us for a ride anytime.