I need hot loads

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Are you passionate about survivalism? Would you like to write about topics that interest you and get paid for it? Read all about it here! ed Aug 15, I own a Ruger LCP. I have read that some lo are too hot for the unsupported chamber of the LCP. But obviously, I want to carry the hottest load possible to increase the stopping power of the small. The Elsie Pea forum has banned thre on. It seems to me that if most of these posts said it was a bad idea, it would be more helpful to leave the thre on the site to discourage people from making the same mistake.

The only kabooms I have read about have been from handloaded "super rounds. Does anyone have experience running hot lo in their LCP? Also interested in experience with KelTec p3at, as they have essentially the same barrel. ed Jul 15, I own a bersa thunder and have found a lot of interesting comments about the. ed Sep 5, Buffalo Bore's website has data for two. ed Feb 18, Accept the. It is and has always been a last ditch defense round for belly to belly put three in your face shooting. I am just thankfull we have. You could be stuck with a Baby Browning or itty-bitty Baretta.

As far as hot-rodding the. These polymer frame guns are not something you want to "blow up". They are going to take parts of your hand with them, espically since the blow-out will be down and foreward where the feed ramp is cut. ed Nov 15, ed Dec 19, ed May 7, Hot load a ??

Thats an oxy moron. You must really know what to do your just playing with us. Brian W said:. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to post questions on this forum. I posted this same question on another forum one devoted to firearms and got nothing but helpful answers. OH, you are one of those guys! Same question on forty'leven sites. So, why are you here and not where you got all the good advice? You are either very insecure, have no reasoning power, are going to keep asking until you get the answer you want or you just like the attention obtained by asking for advice you already know you are going to ignore.

ed Oct 11, First, welcome to the forum. If you happen to load really heavy and it blows up in your hand you can't sue then successfully and they can then turn around and say "told you so". I'm with dcliffhanger in post 4 about this All guns will take a certain amount of pressure over their supposed upper level--have to for engineering and safety sake, but the problems lies in how much more and isn't something I want to test fire handling the gun so I'll leave it to the pros to do Will it blow up at psi when it states on the gun--doubtful, psi again probably not but what about psi?

I had some older. I shot heavier lo in them and they were fine although one did loosen up a little with a hot load Then again, they were all steel. I'd be more concerned about finding a really good expanding and penetrating bullet over trying to shoot a hotter load on a gun that definitely can't take it and says so Go a little hot, sure no problem but that's it. SeekHer said:. For anyone else interested in this thread. I found a good discussion today on the KelTec Owners Group forum.

I really thought post 4 was a very intelligent nonthreatening response! You really need to make your search parimeters a bit more clear. Are you reloading? Are you looking for factory "hot lo"? Why do the factories load consevatively? Because there are pistols out there chambered in this round that are years old. That does not mean that just their metal is years old, it means their springs are also years old.

Everything going out one end is comming back at you from the other. It might also mean that these tiney pistols we carry are deed for the load as it exists, not as we would want it to exist. Our mouse guns are walking right at the margin of what any material will take in this caliber in the size parimeter we are offered. Either of them will offer you the maximum performance from a. Your right though I didn't tell you the largest round you can put in a gun that probably won't blow your hand off. I and would guess most people don't want to recommend something against manufacturers specs for the most part because to tell you with first hand knowledge we d be risking our own hands.

I said upgrade because its much more logical then over stressing your handgun. Hell maybe it wound work 10 to times but what about and you should shoot your preferred defense round plenty to make sure it works everytime. I wasn't trying to push my calibre choice on you I think is fine, what I was trying to do was save your hand. Sorry for not willing to give you possiblely mutilating information.

Have fun pushing the limits. Ehh I guess I should have gone into more detail than I did, it does come off as unhelpful but probably one of the few times it might have been appropriate. As far as the round goes its pretty effective despite what some people might think. Its been a military round before and still is I believe in believe in brazil. Itkl stop anybody. Shoot well and you dont have to overstress your gun.

Itll last longer and be there when you need it which is what would concern me if I shoot this will it work next time whem I need it. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. Survivalist Forum. A forum community dedicated to survivalists and enthusiasts. Come the discussion about collections, gear, DIY projects, hobbies, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!

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I need hot loads

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Hot Lo?????