I need to know what you think of this

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But obviously many people do know some things, and a few people know many things. Philosophers have given a lot of thought to that question and have offered a of answers. I think folks standing around water coolers and sitting in boardrooms could benefit from reflecting on what the philosophers have come up with — and from applying it more frequently. Probably the most orthodox position in epistemology is that knowledge is justified true belief. Mark can only claim to know that Steve is manipulating his sales figures if: 1 Steve is actually manipulating his sales figures truth condition ; and 2 Mark has very good reason to believe that Steve is manipulating his sales figures justification condition.

Similarly, an economist who predicted a downturn for the wrong reasons cannot claim to have known that a downturn was coming. And an HR head who predicted that an applicant would do well can not claim to have known that he would do well, if she believed he was a good hire because he had the same birthday as her son. An interpretation? Not to pre-empt that potential confabulation is, I think, to do Max an injustice. That may seem to many of you like a statement of the obvious. But I frequently witness instances in which what look to me like interpretations are presented as facts, and, I worry, heard as facts.

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I need to know what you think of this

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