Iglesias women sex

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You have to wonder how many women Julio Iglesias — the archetypical Latin lover, crooner and international sex symbol — calls in a day. Then five women call me saying they are pregnant. They sue. You better believe me. Iglesias has sold more records internationally than anyone. Like the question about his love life scooping more headlines lately than his music.

This past year, for example, a Spanish woman claimed Iglesias is the father of her year-old son. Iglesias denies it. Not easy for me. Wait a minute, Julio. Now you say you make love five times a year. Which is it? They have to choose me. Why the 22nd? Two and two means two times. We choose songs, get together in two weeks.

That would be sexy. His other albums — there have been 67 — have sold million copies worldwide, putting him in the Guinness Book of World Records. Iglesias got his start in music in while recovering from a car accident that ended his soccer career and left him temporarily paralyzed. He credits a nurse — who else? He has built his career on that sensual, caressing style. I love that concept, when the brains and the heart get together. That is very Latino. Women around the world have showered him with flowers, phone s, even racy Polaroids. Take that, Tom Jones. Iglesias may be glib about his studly persona, yet he is reluctant to discuss his extensive humanitarian work, much of it on behalf of children.

He is a representative for UNICEF and has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for it and other humanitarian organizations through benefit concerts.

Iglesias women sex

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Julio Iglesias: In Or Out Of Love, This Crooner’s Hot Stuff