Killington fuck Killington

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From the top of the k1 down to the north star triple chair. Basically at the top you had a choice of either going through the park or down Rime or Reason not sure of the name then they merged and met down at the chair. Later on they opened another trail at the bottom of the park that led down to the chair. It was crowded and icy as fuck. If you're thinking about going wait another week or so and wait for some real snow.

If you're dieing to shred definitely bring something with a good edge on it. Today Tues was pretty good. Lines were long, but the snow was soft and fun. Monday was money laps. And one guy on a snowboard with long blonde flow was throwing down.

I was there too. A lot of ungroomed terrain when so many people ski a few trails, they get that way , but it was great to get back into the swing of things, even with ridiculous lines. There's been a couple dustings. Not enough to ski on, but Killington spends an absurd amount of money on early season snowmaking. Awesome photo! Highlight of the day was pounding beers at the nicely renovated lodge by the k1.

I just don't understand the kmart hate. I've been to every large resort in VT and I keep coming back to Killington. I would love to know why people hate this place so much? I've skied it on prime weekends in the winter and never wait more than a minute on nearly all the lifts. The same weekend at Sugarbush which gets much less hate that Killington the lines are massive and I'm waiting 15 - 20 at nearly every lift.

I'm from the east coast, never waited more than 90 seconds for a lift. Try living there and working as a lifty. Thats what I did. Never had to wait and got up the mtn 20 min before public. I was spoiled. I miss those days :,. I'm super appreciative of the fact that I've rarely waited for more than a few minutes at Wolf Creek. Found the internet! Posted by Gore. Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread.

Was this Saturday? If so I was stuck in that line with you. Yes it was. Ski the East. Jackson Hole. I waited on a 40 minute line at breck once. Never again. Copper Mountain. Your ride down is also a bit longer, sort of evens thing out. More posts from the skiing community. The sport where you strap two boards to your feet and point them down the mountain. Turning optional! Created Jun 3, Top posts november 11th Top posts of november, Top posts Back to Top.

Killington fuck Killington

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