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Beautiful mature want nsa Mobile You were everything to me They say that people become much less diplomatic when they know their comments are. If your Mother or Father never told you if you have nothing nice to say don't say it at all, they may have done you a great disservice. For at this stage in your life you are a black hole of nothingness, in which you need to keep your mouth shut, and stop spreading your mindless hate for no reason at all accept being for being shocking and disruptive to empathetic people living meaningful loving lives.

In other words your fucked, a lost cause at this point. Your soul, being, life or whatever you want to it, is empty and serves no purpose to anyone around you who comes in contact with you in a good way that helps them, or breeds anything that serves others in any kind of meaningful way. You can't realize what all these people on missed connections are so about, because you will never know love that way you live your life. You impact everyone around you in the worse way, and when you are not around they talk about you like you are less than human, and how they could care less if you were.

They only keep you around to do there bidding as a soulless slave to out the mean acts against others they themselves could never do. But where they experience regret, you experience usefulness. When they feel bad to have hurt someone by using you as a soulless tool and repent. You feel and a sense of purpose.

You can laugh at them for being so sensitive, but you are the weaker party. You know how strong these emotions are, and how you can't escape them in your head when they are there. So you hold them back or them. A truly strong person is one who makes themself very sensitive and empathic to others, and then is strong enough to survive living through loss, weather it's lost lives or love. They love totally and completely with every part of there being. They feel every inch of pain from these losses, and are still able to function they are that strong.

You distance yourself from human emotion because it hurts too much, because like a you can't handle the pain, you are afraid of the pain. To anyone who runs into a person like this, just understand that they are very weak. Their advise to you to harden your heart and not care, not love, not get stronger through dealing with loss will just make you weak like them. And make your life like there life , empty and meaningless. To the loved lost and love sick You are on the right track.

Live and love in the moment. Worry about the loss when it happens. Live today and be the good loving sensitive strong person you are. There are no mistakes only experiences you learn from. You may be in pain today, but with each day that passes it hurts less, and it dosen't your heart or harden it to the point of never loving again.

It only gives you a useful tool and more experience in dealing with these very strong emotions us human beings have. You are the enlightened one because you follow your heart, you hold doors for people. Help people in need, give them the shirt off your back.

You help just to help. You are the friend lover brother sister mother father aunt uncle cousin, who helps just because and often times money is never a issue. It's because it feels good to help. It feels to hurt another. Help breeds help around you. Hurt breeds more hurt around you. And if you shelter people like this it's because you are afraid to hurt others? Maybe you shouldn't shelter them because you are giving them a purpose in there otherwise empty existence.

In which they might follow you on your , instead of you seeking their advice when you don't need it in the first place. Also there is no need to have a hitman around. So to you trolls breeding hate and mindless of hurt people. The life you lead is your punishment. A living hell where your fucked, the hate you give breeds more bad things in your own life, so good luck with that. What goes around comes around. If you walk around all day pissed off people will be pissed right back at you.

If you hurt some one in state of loss. Kick them when they are down. You yourself might one day find love only to have it stripped away from you. I say these things like they are something that isn't all ready your biggest fear. For stating the obvious I now feel more sorry for you than the loved lost and sensitive people now. I wouldn't wish your life on my worst. Women wants sex Ludlow South Dakota. Dating and seeking Lausanne classified. Lonely ladies want sex chat. Hot girls Dunn. Black men seeking fwb. Housewives wants casual sex Birdsnest Virginia Sexting today 48 Saint Hyacinthe Dominant women wants hot sex chat.

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We both seem to be focused and busy, but she's got alot of baggage she can't let go, so I think she will take her bags and move on I'm not looking to rebound because I am not bouncing back from something bad, just bouncing around. Trying to find someone to love me, and take care of me, and my needs. I am a very giving person so if you want the same in return just treat me right. I am a very good situation right now with my life and I am ready to love again Lets go ride a bike this weekend Adult hookups seeking race relations I want you to fuck me.

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Lewisburg fuck date

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