Lookin for a pick me up

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Take these ideas, customize them, and make them your own! Get a favorite essential oil roller. Take a meditation break. If you have more time, take more time. But make sure that you can find a space where you can be undisturbed and can stay focused on your internal reset. Commit an act of kindness. But sometimes, the best way to give yourself a pick-me-up is to give someone else a pick-me-up. Watch something funny. Bonus points if you get a good belly laugh in — it burns calories, too.

Write in your journal for minutes. In our podcast episode about journaling , guest expert Andrea Leda mentioned that the most powerful journaling experiences only need a few minutes — 5 to 7 is enough. Set your timer and pour yourself onto the . Here are a couple of quick prompts you might use to help get you out of a funk, depending on the direction you want to go: What is the root of my discomfort? Brew a cup of your favorite tea blend. The thing about tea is that it is an experience in itself: smelling the teas in your cupboard, choosing a blend, measuring it out while looking at the colorful ingredients, relaxing while the water boils and the tea steeps.

Having your favorite comfort blend on hand is a must! Take a dance break. Music is a great mood enhancer, but getting your booty up and shaking can help shift your perspective — you can literally shake off any negative emotions or feelings you have. Go buy yourself some flowers. Flowers have both a visual impact as well as that lovely scent, and treating yourself to an act of kindness is a wonderful pick-me-up. Look at some pretty photos. Here are some to start: lovely pumpkin patches , a quirky flower festival , benches with a view , or how about some waterfalls?

Transport yourself to a delightful new view with just one click. Art can be very inspiring. Do a kitchen project. Personally, I find baking to be quite soothing and mindful — the tinkering with the ingredients, the patience waiting while enjoying the aromas, and then enjoying the final product. Our recipe index has lots of ideas for you! Do some volunteering. Helping others can help you reflect back on your own experience, and volunteering can be fun! How about volunteering to walk dogs at your local shelter?

Or being a crossing guard for a local charity race? There are endless options for volunteer commitments that will fill you up. This is something you want to start now, before you need a pick-me-up! Maybe even certificates of achievements or awards. But s of thanks, notes from your boss or customers, can go in there. When you need it, you can review this file and be filled with the reminders of how great you are. Take a nap. Pour yourself a cold one.

Phone a friend. Reach out if you need a hand: phone a friend, schedule an impromptu tea for two with one of your besties, or if your BFF is afar, send a Facebook message and connect. People are happy to help if asked! Andy Hayes Health. He authors our award-winning weekly newsletter, The Blend and curates our popular organic tea of the month club.

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Lookin for a pick me up

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