Looking for a friend for roleplay

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I'm borrowing this plot bunny from an Interest Check I saw on another site. Basically a motorcycle gang on the border of Texas and Mexico, trying to survive the apocalypse. Still selling guns and drugs but in these times not for money but for supplies. Drama, romance, action, family, and survival adventure in a zombie infested world. Care to me? I could rp a biker, or a stranger who finds himself on their turf, or maybe even a cartel member that they're associated with paying a little visit to the gang.

I don't mind rping an already established relationship or a newly forming romance maybe even enemies to lovers. Who would you like to rp for this? Let's make it fun and easy, something like "popcorn novels", no nutritional value, but you can't stop eating.

I can rp against men, women, and anything in between, but only capable, realistic, down-to-earth characters, please. It was fought on and around the human colony world of reach. The role-play would take place slightly before and maybe even slightly after the battle. All I ask is, if you do want to be a canon character please at-least have a decent understanding of the character. I do have a couple rough outlines of how the RP would go, but of course it can always be side lined and altered as the RP goes on. If any of this interest you please feel free to message me or leave a comment.

What Im looking for is a partner who would like to take the idea of Twilight to a completely different world. This time apocalypse! What kind of an apocalypse? I normally write in 3rd person and semi-lit.

Have you been searching for a medieval fantasy RP that has a princess X your character that includes adventure, romance, etc, but haven't been successful? Look no further :. I'm looking for a GM to do a medival fantasy RP that has elements of magic, kingdoms, so on and so forth. Send me your plots and I will adapt. I've been RPing for roughly 12 years. I go by Thpooky. About me: 24, F, EST. Have been writing for about 5 years, and roleplaying just as long. But will always try to match my partner in terms of length. As for the roleplay: I am familiar with Fallout, and Mad Max even more so.

Entirely up to my partner to decide which universe we will play in. Found the internet! Posts Wiki Resources. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Posted by Subreddit question? Modmail, please! Comments are locked Stickied post. Link to the Current Rules of the Subreddit. Mega Meta Post! Mega Meta Post VI! Posted by 1 hour ago. I'm looking for a romance-oriented, gritty adventure at the end of the world, and to have my heart broken, you in? Posted by 2 hours ago. Posted by 3 hours ago. Look no further : I'm looking for a GM to do a medival fantasy RP that has elements of magic, kingdoms, so on and so forth.

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Looking for a friend for roleplay

email: [email protected] - phone:(919) 527-4226 x 7472

Looking for people to roleplay with