Looking for a true size queen

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Kind of embarrased about this. But I'm very, very well endowed. I'm not saying this to brag. My last GF broke up with me because I'm too big and although I know how to be careful, she was in major pain every time with had intercourse. In fact, every woman has been with me in spite of my penis, rather than because of it. But I don't know how to do it without sounding like a huge dick, who's bragging about my big dick.

Make an OkCupid profile. Say all of this on your profile, be honest about the difficulty it's caused you in relationships and that you're looking for your real-life Cock Cinderella. I've heard success stories from each of them too. Your ginna need fetlife bro. Funny enough the person who could take it the deepest was also the littlest person i had been with. She was less than 5 foot and could take it as fast, hard and deep as i could give it. My current gf can take about Be up front with the girls so you can start filtering out early and waste less time. Obv dont open with that but do bring it up before sex.

Im not as ggirthy as you but what helps alot is angling it. In missionary move your body higher so their head is next to your chest that way your pumping down and not just in. Thats also good because it stimulates the clitorous as well. Thanks for the advice man.

Are any women actually "into" the size, or are they reluctantly okay with it? Bit of a late reply but wanted to say that I would be fine with your size. I'm not sure if I'm a sizequeen though as I would also be fine with an average sized partner. All women are different and your size may scare some away. I have a deep vaginal canal cervix is further back than average and have always needed more.

I love big toys. If you have had no luck on the subreddits such as dirtyr4r then you should try lpsg. It's used by both men and women. Big dicks are welcome and they have a hook-up section where you can try and meet people. I honestly need an answer to this too, the same thing has happened to me to the point where I can't enjoy sex the way I want because, I'm hurting her cervix, and the constant need to slow down and stop cause it's just too much.

And blood. And going sooo slow. And cumming inside is hard. And proper blowjobs are impossible. In my experience a bbw might be a good option. The extra padding helps protect her a little and feels great for you too. Just a thought. Good luck! I don't really have a specific "type" physically. Right now, I'd just love to find a woman who can take my size and loves it.

Go to a bar, and start talking about my dick the first night I meet a woman? And though I've ever met one, hope for the rare chance that she's a size queen? Found the internet! How to Find a Size Queen? Posted by 3 years ago. I want to find these woman so badly.

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Looking for a true size queen

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How to Find a Size Queen?