Missing the touch of a woman

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Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown has totally changed the way we live - weddings have been cancelled , we're celebrating birthdays alone and we might have to wear facemasks just to leave the house. Grazia decided to look at the issues affecting women and the different ways we're responding. In this piece, eight women shared the various ways they're feeling lonely and - crucially - how much they're craving touch.

I think on the whole, I enjoy my own space. I think the main thing is, I would like to meet someone - and that heightens it. I can see why people are sneaking around to meet each other because it is hard being on your own. I think I miss both but getting a hug from my friends or family feels a bit more achievable when this is over.

It feels like everyone will be scared of making each other sick. It's weird but I keep thinking about my exes. Although I would never want to get back with any of them, random thoughts pop into my head sometimes… Like first kisses or the first time we had sex. I'm eager to date as soon as this ends, but thinking about my exes recently has reminded me, when that time comes, to date wisely and not make the same mistakes as before. But whenever we Zoom, I feel a sad longing to hug them now. And while I was there, I saw this little toddler coming towards me, unsteady on his feet.

And I wanted to go and scoop him up so badly! It was a really strong physical yearning. And I really miss them. Their squishy cheeks and their little hands. I really miss it. I am currently chatting several times a day to someone I have had a crush on, which is obviously very exciting and frustrating but when I finally see him I am more excited about having a hug than anything else.

Perhaps not sexy, but much needed! I wouldn't consider myself a touchy-feely person; in fact I barely hug friends and family. Being in self-isolation alone for three weeks I've been surprised at how much I'm missing simple things, like speaking to someone face-to-face or the feeling of being held in someone's arms. I'll definitely be doubling my hug time when things return to normal, or as near to normal as they'll ever be. I'm definitely afraid to go outside for long periods of time now — I live in an area of London where the streets still have a fair few people walking around and supermarkets are pretty busy.

So I'd wait quite a while after lockdown was lifted before seeing family and friends, and would keep hand sanitiser close by, but I do find myself dreaming about that first get-together with friends once we can all gather again. While I miss physical contact, I am so grateful that I have my own space. I'm a huge introvert in a small space and would be incredibly agitated if I had to share the space with a ificant other or family member. I used to stay home most Friday nights anyway, so it's nice not to have the FOMO of seeing other people going out while I'm home with nothing to do.

I hate to be one of those annoying people on Instagram who is getting lo done, but I've been more productive than ever during this lockdown. I've been able to get on top of tasks I've been meaning to do for ages, have been able to eat home cooked meals and take care of myself better, I just wish I could safely have someone round for dinner and drinks once in a while.

On FaceTime last night we were speaking about what we both missed most and - aside from some other less PG things - we both agreed that simply sitting on the sofa, cuddled up and chatting together is top of the list. Two of my best friends have had babies in lockdown and I'd love to cuddle their babies, but also them.

How To. Celebrity News. Grazia Magazine. Prev Next. Gina is isolating with her parents: 'Random thoughts about my exes pop into my head. Joanna is isolating with her fiance: 'I feel a sad longing to hug my parents. Francesca is isolating alone: ' When I finally see my crush I'm excited to give him a hug. Lucy is isolating alone: 'I find myself dreaming about that first get-together with friends' I wouldn't consider myself a touchy-feely person; in fact I barely hug friends and family.

Jasmine is isolating with her mum and brother: 'I spray my boyfriend's aftershave on a stuffed toy. Jessica is isolating with her husband and son: 'I took hugging my friends for granted.

Missing the touch of a woman

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