Naked women Gettysburg

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View List Gallery Grid Slideshow. Portrait photographs. Head and shoulders of woman Photo, Print, Drawing Portrait photographs. Head and shoulders of woman 1 negative : safety ; 8 x 10 in. Contributor: Horydczak, Theodor Date: Photo, Print, Drawing Eskimo women 1 photographic print. Date: Photo, Print, Drawing Mrs. Maisel and her home, 28 Bayly Ave. Portrait of Mrs. Maisel with a letter II 1 negative : nitrate ; 8 x 10 in. Photograph shows Marian Anderson singing.

Contributor: Van Vechten, Carl Date: Photo, Print, Drawing At the Danube ports in Romania little men carry huge trunks on their backs and have never been on strike Roumanians claim Roman ancestry and proudly speak of the good old days when Trajan built ro and aqueducts in their country.

In Bucharest is the Roman Atheaneum ; With hard work and little play the peasant women age early. This woman looks fifty-five and is thirty-five. Photographs show scenes in Romania including: a porter carrying a large load from a boat on the Danube River, the Romanian Athenaeum concert hall, Bucharest, and two women wearing kerchiefs on their he. Contributor: Carpenter, Frank G. Frank George Date: Contributor: Lomax, Alan Date: Photo, Print, Drawing Layouts 1 album ca. Layouts, Groups of photographs, each with a common theme or subject relating to people, government or social activities in Washington, D.

Topics include portraits of cabinet officers, their wives and children; wives of foreign diplomats; a day in the life of author Mary Roberts Rinehart; animals and pets; portraits of Photograph shows Judith Anderson , a white, female, Australian actress, wearing a head covering. Florence Wong, Mrs. Helen Chan, Mrs. Lily Chu; center: Mrs. Elizabeth Ong, Mrs. Bik Lee; front: Mrs. Contributor: Ravenna, AL Date: Photo, Print, Drawing [African American woman, three-quarter length portrait, facing slightly right, wearing hat] 1 photographic print : gelatin silver.

Contributor: Du Bois, W. William Edward Burghardt Date: Contributor: Case and Getchell Date: Photo, Print, Drawing Lindbergh Reception. Photo, Print, Drawing [Portraits of Beato's Japanese artists working, women singing and playing shamisens, and women in sedan chairs] 4 photographic prints 1 : albumen, hand-colored. Contributor: Beato, Felice Date: Photo, Print, Drawing Iz mo an a hundred Honey!

Head-and-shoulders portrait of an old African-American woman. Contributor: Chambers, W. Contributor: Harrington, Phillip Date: A, st Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment in uniform and unidentified woman, possibly his sister] 1 photograph : albumen print on card mount ; mount 10 x 6 cm carte de visite format Photograph shows identified soldier, who was wounded at Chancellorsville and Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia, and unidentified woman Hurst was never married so not his wife.

Contributor: Wood, Geo. George H. Stevenson, Alice M. Birney, Phoebe A. Hearst, Mrs. William L. Finley, Mrs. James H. Photo, Print, Drawing Portrait photographs from the Mary Church Terrell papers 9 photographic prints : albumen, gelatin silver ; 26 x 18 cm. Photo, Print, Drawing [Twelve men and women gathered around a table on a patio] 1 photographic print.

Photo, Print, Drawing [African American woman, half-length portrait, facing left, reading book] 1 photographic print. Photo, Print, Drawing A Holbein woman 1 photographic print : platinum ; Photograph shows head-and-shoulders portrait of a woman dressed and posed in the style of a painting by Hans Holbein. Contributor: Allen, Mary E. Mary Electa - Allen, Frances S. Frances Stebbins Date: Photo, Print, Drawing [Unidentified woman, half length portrait, seated] 1 photograph : daguerreotype, hand tinted ; plate 7 x 8 cm sixth plate format Date: Lannan - trap-shooting, Apr.

Photograph shows a woman, "Miss M. Lannan", full-length portrait, standing, facing slightly left, posed in studio with shotgun for trapshooting. Photo, Print, Drawing [Model: hair down] 1 negative : glass ; 8 x 10 in. Contributor: Detroit Publishing Co. Collection Paiute Indians 6 photoprints on mounts : gelatin silver ; 17 x 13 cm.

Images of men and women gambling with cards in front of a wickiup, boys aiming sling shots at bottle, women holding sticks for "polo game", and a man shaving another man while girls watch. Contributor: Sage Brush Art Co. Photo, Print, Drawing [Nepalese woman road builder, half-length portrait, standing, facing front, Sikkim] 1 slide : color ; 35mm. Contributor: Kandell, Alice S. Mary Dean, Republic Steel employee, full-length portrait, facing front, standing] 1 photographic print : gelatin silver.

Contributor: Rogovin, Milton Date: Photo, Print, Drawing Portrait photographs. Copy photograph of woman wearing kerchief with pan and spoon in hand 1 negative : glass ; 4 x 5 in. I 1 negative : safety ; 8 x 10 in. Duberly Captain Henry Duberly and "the dashing" Mrs.

Duberly 1 photographic print : salted paper ; 16 x 16 cm. Henry Duberly standing before Isabella Duberly who is on horseback. Contributor: Fenton, Roger Date: Photo, Print, Drawing [Woman seated with crossed legs in front of sheer curtains] 1 photographic print : gum bichromate ; Contributor: Bartlett, Mary A. Portrait of woman seated on porch steps 1 negative : glass ; 5 x 7 in.

Photograph shows close-up portrait of a young woman from Morro do Borel favela, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photo, Print, Drawing Withers, M. Contributor: C. Bell Firm : Washington, D. Photo, Print, Drawing [African American woman, half-length portrait, facing right] 1 photographic print : gelatin silver.

Helen Hagner. Hagner pointing at picture hung on wall 1 negative : safety ; 8 x 10 in. Photo, Print, Drawing Tipy narodnostei turkestanskago kraia. Ogul'-ai 1 photographic print : albumen. Photograph shows a head-and-shoulders portrait of a Uzbek woman.

Naked women Gettysburg

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Photographs of Women During the Civil War: Selected Images