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Ice concentrations over the Weddell Sea were studied using SIR -B data obtained during the October mission, with special attention given to the effect of ocean waves on the radar return at the ice edge. For concentrations greater than 40 percent, which was the smallest concentration observed tly by SIR -B and the SMMR, the mean difference between the two data sets for 12 points was 2 percent.

A comparison between the JPL and the SPRI SIR -B algorithms showed that the algorithms agree to within 1 percent in the interior ice pack, but the JPL algorithm gives slightly greater concentrations at the ice edge due to the fact that the algorithm is affected by the wind waves in these areas. Treatment of post-cardiopulmonary bypass SIRS by hemoorption: a case series. The use of cardiopulmonary bypass CPB in cardiothoracic surgery in a well-known activation of the immunologic response.

In some cases , however, this triggered immunologic response may be excessive, leading to a severe systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS and induced organ dysfunction. For example, patients frequently develop hemodynamic instability with hypotension and low systemic vascular resistance. To date, different therapeutic approaches, such as steroids, have been tried to control this maladaptive postoperative SIRS response, yet definitive proof of clinical efficacy is missing.

A new cytokine orber device CytoSorb; CytoSorbents may be a useful approach to control hyperinflammatory systemic reactions by reducing a broad range of proinflammatory cytokines and other inflammatory mediators. This may, in turn, help to reestablish a physiologic immune response and help to restore deranged clinical parameters in these patients.

Treatment of patients with CytoSorb who presented with severe post-CPB SIRS resulted in a reduction of elevated cytokine levels, which was associated with a clear stabilization of deranged hemodynamic, metabolic, and organ function parameters. Treatment was well tolerated and safe, with no device-related adverse events occurring. CytoSorb therapy combined with CRRT is a potentially promising new treatment approach to achieve hemodynamic stability, cytokine reduction, and improved organ function in cardiac surgery patients who develop post-CPB SIRS.

Sir William Herschel's notebooks - Abstracts of solar observations. An introduction to the background of Sir William Herschel's notebooks and the historical context within which his observations were made are provided. The observations have relevance in reconstructing solar behavior, as discussed in a separate analysis paper by Hoyt and Schatten , and in understanding active features on the sun such as faculae.

The text of Herschel's notebooks with modern terms used throughout forms the body of this paper. The complete text has not ly been published and is not easily accessible to scholars. Herschel used different words for solar features than are used today, and thus, for clarity, his terminology is changed on two occasions. A glossary explains the terminology changed. In the text of the notebooks, several contemporaries are mentioned; a brief description of Herschel's colleagues is provided.

Yeast heterochromatin regulators Sir 2 and Sir 3 act directly at euchromatic DNA replication origins. Most active DNA replication origins are found within euchromatin, while origins within heterochromatin are often inactive or inhibited. In yeast, origin activity within heterochromatin is negatively controlled by the histone H4K16 deacetylase, Sir 2, and at some heterochromatic loci also by the nucleosome binding protein, Sir 3. The prevailing view has been that direct functions of Sir 2 and Sir 3 are confined to heterochromatin.

While these and other observations indicate that SIR 2,3 can have a negative impact on at least some euchromatic origins, the genomic scale of this effect was unknown. It was also unknown whether this suppression resulted from direct functions of Sir 2,3 within euchromatin, or was an indirect effect of their ly established roles within heterochromatin.

Therefore, Sir 2 exhibited a pervasive effect at the majority of euchromatic origins. CDC6 cells. In addition, we present evidence that both Sir 2 and Sir 3 bound to nucleosomes adjacent to euchromatic origins. The relative levels of each of these molecular hallmarks of yeast heterochromatin- SIR 2-dependent H4K16 hypoacetylation, Sir 2, and Sir 3 -correlated with how strongly a SIR 2 deletion suppressed the MCM loading defect in cdc cells. Finally, a screen for histone H3 and H4 mutants that could suppress the cdc growth defect identified amino acids that map to a surface of the nucleosome important for Sir 3 binding.

We conclude that heterochromatin proteins directly modify the local chromatin environment of euchromatic DNA replication origins. Sir Harold Jeffreys. Sir Harold Jeffreys is a world authority in theoretical geophyiscs. He is now a Senior Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge. He has published over scientific papers and is the author of 7 books, including Theory of Probability and Mathematical Physics with his wife, Lady Bertha Swirles Jeffreys.

Sir Harold has made innumerable theoretical contributions to seismology. Many of these are documented in his book The Earth, which has been published in six editions. Some idea of the breadth of this research can be seen from the individual volume titles: "Theoretical and Observational Seismology," " Observational Seismology," "Gravity," "Dissipation of Energy and Thermal History," "Astronomy and Geophysics," and "Matematics, Probability and Miscellaneious Other Sciences.

SIR -B measurements and modeling of vegetation. A summary is presented of the derived from analysis of six SIR -B data takes over an agricultural test site in west central Illinois. The first part describes the procedure used to calibrate the SIR -B imagery, the second part pertains to the observed radar response to soil moisture content, and the last part examines the information derivable from multiangle observations. The SIR -A experiment was conducted in order to acquire radar data over a variety of regions to further understanding of the radar atures of various geologic features.

The capability of the Shuttle as a scientific platform for observation of the Earth's resources was assessed. The SIR -A sensor operated nominally and the full data acquisition capacity of the optical recorder was used. Systemic inflammatory response syndrome SIRS is a clinical syndrome following inflammation. Clinically, it is difficult to distinguish SIRS following an infection, i.

Myeloperoxidase is a hemeprotein stored in the neutrophil azurophilic granules and is one of the main pillars of neutrophil attack. Therefore, we hypothesized that myeloperoxidase can differentiate between sepsis and non-infectious SIRS in patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome in the intensive care unit ICU. An observational single-center cohort study was conducted measuring myeloperoxidase in patients with SIRS in the first 48 h after admission. The outcomes were established using predefined definitions. Thirty-day mortality was retrospectively assessed.

We show that myeloperoxidase is a potentially novel biomarker for sepsis in the ICU. Myeloperoxidase could eventually help in diagnosing sepsis and predicting mortality. However, more research is necessary to confirm our . The SIR -B science plan. However, SIR -B will allow digitally processed imagery to be acquired at selectable incidence angles between 15 and 60 deg, thereby permitting, for the first time, parametric studies of the effect of illumination geometry on SAR image information extraction.

This document presents a science plan for SIR -B and serves as a reference for the types of geoscientific, sensor, and processing experiments which are possible. Taking into the capabilities of the SMART-1 mission and the SIR instrument in particular, as well as the open questions in lunar science, a selection of targets for SIR observations has been compiled.

For each topic we will discuss specific observation modes, necessary to achieve our scientific goals. The majority of SIR targets will be observed in the nadir-tracking mode. More than targets, which require off-nadir pointing and off-nadir tracking, are planned.

It is expected that of SIR observations will ificantly increase our understanding of the Moon. Since the exact arrival date and the orbital parameters of the SMART-1 spacecraft are not known yet, a more detailed planning of the scientific observations will follow in the near future. All rights reserved. PubMed Central. Background Leishmania donovani, a protozoan parasite is the major causative agent of visceral leishmaniasis. Increased toxicity and resistance to the existing repertoire of drugs has been reported.

Hence, an urgent need exists for identifying newer drugs and drug targets. reports have shown sirtuins Silent Information Regulator from kinetoplastids as promising drug targets. Methodology Recombinant L. These null mutants were tested for their proliferation, virulence, cell cycle defects, mitochondrial functioning and sensitivity to known SIR 2 inhibitors. The protein localises to the mitochondrion of the promastigotes. The null mutants had attenuated infectivity. In conclusion, sirtuins could be used as potential new drug targets for visceral leishmaniasis.

Collins, M. It is proposed that shuttle imaging radar SIR data be used to study unusual geological features of New Zealand. Particular attention is planned for geological faults. Three other investigations which are to use SIR data are discussed. An ocean eddy is to be studied from a correlation of SIR -B and advanced very high resolution radiometer imagery. Timber volume is to be assessed by determining the age and size of pine forests from SIR -B data. Soil moisture is to be investigated by comparing SIR -B data with simultaneous gravimetric data.

In conjunction with Thematic Mapping images and photographs from hand-held cameras as well as from the Large Format Camera that was flown with SIR -B, the radar images give an excellent sampling of Andean geomorphology. In particular, the radar images show new details of volcanic rocks and landforms of late Cenozoic age in the Puna, and the exhumed surfaces of tilted blocks of Precambrian crystalline basement in the Sierras Pampeanas.

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