Sex China with parents

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Experts are urging parents to give truthful answers to their children's questions on sex, saying fudging the issue can be harmful to the child's development. According to Monday's Beijing Daily , a survey of 1, Beijing families shows that 74 percent of the parents surveyed do not give their children any sex education at all with about 50 percent being too embarrassed to do so.

The survey reveals that while 28 percent of parents give their children simple explanations when they ask about sex, only 3 percent give detailed explanations. Some parents offer appropriate books to their children and some take them to educational exhibitions on the topic. Sex has traditionally been a sensitive issue in China and many people are too embarrassed to talk openly about the subject. Rong Hua, vice-chairwoman of the Beijing Municipal Women's Federation, called the survey astonishing.

She pointed out that most parents try to avoid answering their children's questions and do not know what to do when they find their children are making friends of opposite sex. Rong said it is imperative for more sex education to be included in family education programs. People's Daily June 4, Policy Making in Depth.

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Sex China with parents

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