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Our programs are developed to helps teens have fun why they grow in knowledge. We strive for every member at our Citi Teen Center to leave the Club with a plan for their future success. Our Keystone program focuses on developing youth in the areas of academic success, career preparation and community service. Our professional also models good behavior within and without our Clubs. Our members visit our Club to have fun! We provide a safe place where they can enjoy physical activity in our indoor gym or outdoor field. Our Triple Play program helps teens develop healthy habits for a healthy mind, body and soul while learning about healthy nutrition and routines.

The legacy continues with our new Citi Teen Center in the heart of Springfield. Originally called the Laurence F. The Citi Teen Center is a 20, sqft facility that has been specifically developed as a safe place for local teenagers to hang out with friends after school, to learn, grow and have fun. Laurence F. Lee Club members posing for a picture in front of the Lee Club. Contact Contact Employment.

Citi Teen Center. Open on Saturdays starting Feb 1st 11 am - 5 pm. The Legacy Continues.

Teen center or club

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