This weekend no strings

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Madeleine Plourde , Staff writer March 31, On top of performance differences, the choreography process was different than usual. To help with contract tracing, students could only have dancers from their own class in their pieces. In a normal year, students could draw from other classes. This meant students danced in more pieces and often had to learn up to two minutes of choreography per rehearsal.

Yet each dancer met this challenge and excelled in spite of it, tackling it in their own way. Throughout the course, McNamara hoped students would rise to the challenges they faced from COVID, while also incorporating into their works ideas from current issues the country is facing. To help do so, students selected music from one of 10 short works from black classical composer Edward W. While adding another challenging dimension, this led to an opportunity for individual creativity and uniqueness to emerge.

COVID restrictions and course requirements made for a difficult asment, yet students drew inspiration from a of places to make something valuable and memorable. Hurst Hot Take: Requiem for a Dream. Bomba con Buya brings dance and culture to campus. First masterclass in Roche series develops student performers.

Cummings Art Gallery Reopens. Arte Hispano event kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month. Live music is back with Faculty Collage Showcase. MU updates Tchaikovsky classic. Cancel reply. RSS Feed. Submit Search. Close Menu. Are you excited for the university's move back to trimesters? Are you feeling burnt out from the semster system? Are you giving up anything for Lent? Are you going to get into all of the classes you need? Are you happy with your housing situation on campus? Are you looking forward to the Hirt lounge space renovation?

Buy an ad C-Store Conflicting studies say students are more stressed than ever, yet freshmen are not gaining basic skills. Which is it? Dear Shel Did you face any challenges registering for classes next term? Did you face any issues with the housing -up website? Did you gain weight during your freshman year?

Did you get into all the classes you need for next term? Did you get into the classes that you wanted for the fall term? Did you vote on Election Day? Do you feel safe on campus? Do you like the new term system? Do you like this year's senior class gift? Do you plan on taking a J-Term class? Do you plan on trying the new low impact meals from Parkhurst? Do you plan on using the Evive Station? Do you think becoming a university is a positive direction for Mercyhurst?

Erie County Health Department Example Survey For the up-and-coming student radio station, what genre of music would you like to hear? Ghost Lake Grade the new Merciad site! Have a great summer! Have you consumed Four Loko? Where did you get it? Have you ever been haunted at Mercyhurst? Have you helped with the House that Hurst Built? Have you seen "The Hunger Games"? Have you seen the Ogham Stone? How are you adjusting from the new term system?

How are you preparing for the upcoming midterm exams? How did you handle the Mercyhurst water main break? How do you feel about Hellogoodbye as the Springfest band? How do you feel about Police and Safety officers carrying firearms? How do you feel about the changes at the Laker Inn? How do you feel about the entranceway changes? How do you feel about the Ice Center weight room? How do you feel about the Laker Inn reopening? How do you feel about the Lker Inn reopening? How do you feel about the new Mercyhurst Twitter s? How do you feel about the Springfest music acts?

How do you feel about the Springfest performers? How do you feel about the suspension of the EMTA bus this weekend? How do you like the new Arch in front of Old Main? How has the temporary closure of the student union affected you? Is this winter making you S. Which project do you think takes priority? The Merciad Online The radio station is changing. What kind of music would you like to hear? Web Launch Party! What are you doing for your Halloween costume? What are your plans for midterm break? What are your plans for spring break?

What are your plans for the summer? What are your plans Thanksgiving break? What are your summer plans? What are your Thanksgiving plans? What are your thoughts on Gamble's retirement? What calendar system do you prefer? What changes should be made to the core curriculum?

What did you do for Spring Break? What did you do for St. Patrick's Day? What did you do on St. What did you think about Homecoming Weekend? What do you like best about this weather? What do you think about Mercyhurst getting a marching band?

What do you think about Sean Kingston performing at Spring Fest? What do you think about the college becoming a university? What do you think about the new Mercyhurst website? What do you think about the off-campus OneCard program being canceled? What do you think about the softball field renovations? What do you think of the Lewis Avenue tree-cutting? What do you think of the new Merciad Web site? What do you think of the new Mercyhurst Gangnam Style video? What do you think of winter athletes registering with seniors? What do you think of your living conditions in your on-campus housing?

What do you want for Christmas? What event are you most excited for this weekend? What is your least favorite part about J-Term? What is your opinion of J-term now that it's over?

This weekend no strings

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Opening This Weekend: No Strings Attached Vs. The Company Men