Woman who confronted me

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Here are their confrontation stories. She thanked meā€¦but continued dating him. Three of us loathe the fourth's boyfriend. Once they announced that they'd be moving in together, the rest of us decided that the boat had sailed on us being able to talk her out of the relationship and agreed to be as supportive as possible. I had concerns even before I met him; but when I finally did he proved me right, going on a long racist, misogynistic, xenophobic rant. The next time she was coming to town, I let her know I didn't feel comfortable with him staying at my house.

So they stayed somewhere else, and she and I worked through it, but it definitely shifted our relationship. We only fully repaired our friendship a year or so after they broke up. So, to make the two of them get over it, I decided to double down and force us all, me, my BF and my BFF plus our other best guy friend share a room together in our vacation house. This Will Be the Amazon Coat of Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

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Woman who confronted me

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